Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Lakeview rocks!

It's my home away from home!  I can't believe we're already into the second week of school.  The first week of school went unbelievably fast.  But, what a blessing I have been given!  The staff and students at Lakeview are absolutely...AMAZING. 
F.Y.I. Look at the picture below..check out the steps!! What an awesome way to greet the students on their first day! 

Here's what we were up to....
Being a resource teacher, a lot of my students are visual, tactile learners.  Supplies are key for these kiddos to learn! One of the routines we practiced was picking up the supplies we need. 

The next routine we worked on was meeting the expectations that I have for the students.  The expectations are: Follow directions, use words, use inside, and be kind.  We discussed what each expectation should sound like and look like.  When the students are in my classroom they sit in table teams.  As a table team, we work together to meet the expectations.  When a table team sounds like and looks like what was discussed from the expectations, the table receives a stick.  Once all the sticks are in the container, each member at the table earned a ticket.

As a resource teacher, I co-teach with general educators in their classroom, yet pull-out students to work with special instruction in my room.  Being a first year teacher, I want to try as many management techniques as possible, yet I want to keep my management style consistent with my students' homeroom teacher. The earning of tickets connects to their homeroom teacher's homeroom management.  On Fridays, we count the number of tickets earned.  Each student then records the number of tickers he/she earned for the week.  Their homeroom teacher then gives them the number of tickets they earned.  This shared management keeps us all on the same page.  The day is then more structured and consistent for all students and teachers.   

 I am way past my bedtime.  Another day is yet to come!

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