Saturday, August 3, 2013

It's here!

Hello, August and hello, 2013-2014 school year!

I can remember dreaming of this moment when I was little, taking over every part possible of my parent's house trying to feel like a teacher as much as possible.  Everyone always says, "dreams do come true," and indeed, they were right.  In June, I accepted my first teaching position at Lakeview Elementary within Lincoln Public Schools.  I will be the resource teacher for the 5th grade team.  From being a Doane College Tiger to a Lakeview Seagull, I am truly blessed with the experience that is ahead of me.  
The anticipation of my very first, official school year, has been built up since registering as a student at Doane College.  And, now that it's finally here, I must admit, it's been emotionally awesome.  Through the district, I've been attending curriculum orientation.  This orientation has been more than helpful.  During orientation, I continually thought about how awesome this district is, by providing the opportunity to hear from expert teachers about the best ways to expose yourself to a curriculum for the first time.  I can't say thanks enough!

Next week is our first week together as building.  The staff at Lakeview is truly amazing, supportive, and welcoming!  I will be looking forward to meeting the rest of the staff and being together as one, child-centered building.

For now, it's planning...planning...planning.

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